Addendum 2 to 2019-2020 Catalog

Addendum 2 Publication Date:  November 2019

CU Policy Updates

UPDATED:  Admission requirements for former CAS Majors

Due to the recent University Restructure, which included the closing of the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), the following programs no longer have a requirement of admission to their college:

  • Biology (now in the College of Health & Human Sciences)
  • Psychology (now in the College of Health & Human Sciences)
  • Religion (now managed by the new Lutheran Institute for Theology & Culture)

UPDATED:  Undergraduate Residency Requirements

Original wording may be found in the "Elective Requirements" sections of all undergraduate majors. 
Previously, Concordia University (CU) has required all undergraduate students to complete 30 of their final 45 earned credits at CU for degree conferral eligibility. Moving forward, students will be required to complete at total of 30 CU-specific required credits for degree conferral eligibility. This does not override requirements in individual programs regarding the number of upper-division credits required to complete the program.

CLARIFIED:  Transfer Credit Limit Policy

Original wording may be found on the Transfer Student tab of the Admission – Undergraduate section of this catalog.
Concordia University evaluates full academic course history when reviewing for admission. Upon enrollment, a student is eligible to transfer up to 94 qualified credits of prior learning to fulfill program requirements. Please note, all prior course work is included in the cumulative Concordia University GPA.