Addendum 3 to 2019-2020 Catalog

Addendum 3 Publication Date:  February 2020

M.Ed. Non-Standard Terms Drop Policy

Effective January 31, 2020

A student who withdraws from two (2) consecutive courses will be withdrawn from the University as an unofficial withdraw. The student may resume courses after completing the re-entry process. (See Re-admission to Concordia University)

Additionally, per ED policy on Withdrawal and Return to Title IV, a student cannot have a cease in enrollment within a 12-month period that exceeds a total of 180 days. Additionally, a student who ceases attendance during a payment period or period of enrollment is considered a withdrawal for Title IV purposes. Students would need to be withdrawn and if the student returns, they would need to be treated as a re-entry (AVG Volume 5, Chapter 1, page 24).

Enrollment reporting regulations from the ED state that a university has 10 days to report changes in a student's enrollment status that would determine if they qualify as having in-school deferment. Additionally, schools have 30 more days to log any changes that may potentially impact a student's status for in-school deferment. This gives the university a 45-day window where if a student is not attending, the university would need to report the student as withdrawn and not eligible to be receiving in-school deferment on their previously taken student loans. Students who are withdrawing from two consecutive courses would be a that 45-day window, and would need to have their enrollment status updated in the National Students Loan Data System (NSLDS).