Appendix C: Administrative Staff

Pastor Wesley "Bo" Baumeister, Director of Campus Ministries

Megan Bouslaugh, Chief Student Affairs Officer, Title IX Coordinator

David Bowers, Controller, Finance Department

John Brown, Associate Dean of Admission, School of Law

Nicole Cossette, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources and Equity

Ben Cramer, Assistant Dean of Career Services and Student Affairs, School of Law;
Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Shawn Daley, Chief Business Development Officer

Steve DeKlotz, Assistant Vice President, Dean of Students

Rick Doughty, Interim Chief Financial Officer

Scott Ferguson, Assistant Vice Present, Student Engagement

Amy Gehrke, Director of Graduate Admission

Jason Hagen, Director of Executive Relations and Community Engagement

Tyler Jass, Director of Online Admission

Latonia Haney Keith, Associate Dean of Academics, School of Law

Mary McGlothlan, Assistant Vice President, Financial Aid

Ben Moll, Assistant Vice President, University Analytics, Research and Assessment

Brooke Pillsbury, Interim Registrar

Jeff Rhinevault, Director, Physical Plant Services

Bobi Swan, Chief Enrollment Officer

Andrew Wright, Director of Undergraduate Admission