Appendix I: Acronyms and Terms


Academic Council Provost, Deans, Registrar

APC Academic Policies Committee, a standing committee of elected faculty, three year terms

APPA Academic Probation Plan of Action, a form and process to be completed with students on academic probation and students who are admitted below the standard

ASCU Associated Students of Concordia University (Student government)

Audit To take a course for no credit and without obligation to do work assigned to the class. The course will appear on the student's official transcript with AU as the grade and will make no impact on GPA or degree requirements.


BacPac Baccalaureate Package. College level courses offered via video conferencing and online for LCMS high schools throughout the United States — currently have four high schools participating

BOR Board of Regents for CU. Five members are elected by the LCMS in Synodical convention, three elected at LCMS district convention, and four appointed by CU. The district president serves as the chairman.

BUE Board for University Education

BC Budget Committee—a group of administrators (Provost, Chief Financial Officer, Deans, and Vice-Presidents) and faculty assembled to be engaged in the budget planning process

BPE Board for Pastoral Education


CALL Center for Applied Lutheran Leadership

CAS College of Arts & Sciences

CAO Chief Academic Officer

CBL Concordia Business Leaders. The School of Management student operated business club.

CEU Continuing Education Unit

CFO Chief Financial Officer

CIO Chief Information Officer

CLC Community Life Committee—one of three standing committees of the faculty

CHHS College of Health & Human Services

CLS Previously Center for Learning Solutions now CU Online

COE College of Education

CNA Concordia Neighborhood Association—open public meeting for the community are held the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm at Kennedy School; The CNA executive board meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm at Kennedy School

COO Chief Operating Officer

CPH Concordia Publishing House—the publisher of materials in the LCMS located in St. Louis

CTEP Concordia Teaching Excellence Process—faculty evaluation process managed by each Dean

CU Preferred acronym for Concordia University

CUF Concordia University Foundation, the fund raising arm of the university

CUS Concordia University System started in 1993—0 colleges and 2 seminaries—now comprised of two committees


DCE Director of Christian Education, one of our PCW training programs at CU

DSO Desired Student Outcomes (part of curriculum review and accreditation standards)


ECE Early Childhood Education (Authorization level for teachers to teach PK–Grade 4)

EFC Estimated Family Contribution—an amount the FA office uses to determine amount of aid the family can contribute towards tuition, fees, and room & board (federally defined formula)

ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

ELE Elementary (Authorization level for teachers to teach Grades 3–8)

ELS English Language School on campus that is administered by Berlitz

ESS Exercise and Sport Science (an academic department in the CHHS)


FAA Concordia’s financial aid application

FAB Fine Arts Building

FAR Faculty Athletic Representative—person appointed by the faculty to certify student-athletes as eligible and progressing toward their degree

FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid (standardized eligibility form)

FWPC Faculty Welfare Policies committee—one of three faculty standing committees


GNAC Great Northwest Athletic Conference—Located in five states and the province of Canada this conference is one of the top NCAA Division II athletic conferences in the nation 

GRWLLC George R. White Library and Learning Center (also known as GRW)


HCA Health Care Administration

HHF Health History Form

HUM Humanities—an academic department in the College of Arts & Sciences


ICA Individual course assessments—student completed assessment of classes

INC Incomplete—the grade given to student in special conditions outlined in the faculty and student handbook

ISS International Student Services

ITS Information Technology Services (Help Desk Phone: 503-493-6300)


L Luther Hall classroom designation

LBW The Lutheran Book of Worship – the hymnal used occasionally in chapel

LCMS The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

LEST Lutheran Elementary School Tournament – hosted on campus second week in February HUNDREDS of elementary students compete in athletic and scholastic events

Lyceum Lectures for the community and campus hosted by CAS


MAP Maximizing Academic Potential – a program designed to assist students who enter the university below the academic standards; through meetings with advisors and courses geared toward successful transition to college.

MAT Master of Arts in Teaching

MAT-E Master of Arts in Teaching – evening or alternative cohort track

Matriculated Student  A student who is officially enrolled in a degree-awarding program

MBA Master in Business Administration

MED Master of Education

ML Middle Level (Authorization level for teachers to teach Grades 5–9)

MN Mary Neils classroom designator

MSD Math Science Department


NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association – the national organization comprised of nearly 300 colleges and universities around the US and Canada that sponsor competition at the conference, regional, and national level

Northwest District The LCMS is divided into 37 districts, primarily determined by region. CU falls in the Northwest District which includes Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho and China

NWCCL Northwest Center for Children’s Literature – the only one of its kind in the Northwest

NWCCU Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities – CU’s accrediting body


Orbis Cascade Alliance CU’s online library services


P PE building classroom designator

PCW Professional Church Work Program for students preparing for service as a DCE or Lutheran teacher

P/NP Pass/No pass – option of grading which can be requested by the student under certain circumstances and with some restrictions

PPS Physical Plant Services

PPST Praxis I (Basic Skills Test Option for Teacher Licensure)


RA Resident Assistant

Reformation October 31, 1517; the day Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of the church in Wittenburg, Germany – traditionally seen as the “founding” of the Lutheran Church


SBA Student Bar Association (Law student government)

SEAC Student Events and Activities Center

SMLC St. Michael’s Lutheran Church – located at the north end of campus (near 29th and Dekum) – some CU special events are held here

SOM School of Management

SWEF Social Work Experience Form


TA Transcript Analysis – an analysis by the Office of the Registrar of credits accepted in transferring from another accredited institution of higher learning

TSPC Teaching Standards and Practices Commission – State of Oregon certifying body for teacher education programs and licensure of teachers


WC Writing Center – directed out of the College of Arts & Sciences

WTRM Weight Room – below the gym