The Center for Learning Solutions

Concordia University created the Center for Learning Solutions (CLS) to enhance online learner-centered teaching and to support the advancement of academic programs to meet the needs of all learners. While CLS primarily exists to enhance the contribution of educators and other professionals as they prepare leaders for the transformation of society, Concordia students benefit as CLS values are upheld among teaching faculty:

  • Education should be “learner-centered,” focusing on the attributes, needs, and context of the learner.
  • Learning is a transformative process which can be heightened through the crafting of an effective learning environment.
  • The faculty at Concordia is gifted, caring, and the key influence in providing a learner-centered, mission-driven teaching environment at Concordia.
  • The selection of instructional strategies, methodologies, and delivery modes in the classroom are best based upon the learner and the instructional objectives.
  • The strongest instructional objectives are consistent with the university’s mission and vision, and include a focus on appropriate cognitive, psychomotor, and affective outcomes.
  • Learner-centered education incorporates the iterative process, providing effective and appropriate formative and summative assessment strategies.
  • Effective use of instructional technologies can greatly enhance the learning environment.
  • Research and innovation about teaching and learning will provide future opportunities for development of all CU faculty.

The Center for Learning Solutions serves the campus community in course design, in discussing the teaching and learning processes, and in thinking through the development of the most effective modalities in distance education. Faculty participate in development opportunities as well as in one-on-one training. CLS staff and faculty have helped to equip online instructors and challenge all faculty to think deeply about the teaching and learning processes.

Online Programs 

Concordia University offers a wide range of fully online undergraduate and graduate degree programs: These educational programs take Concordia University to the "global classroom" and focus learner attention on Concordia's mission, culture and academic excellence. No longer is quality student learning bound to the brick and mortar campus; indeed, students from around the globe are enrolled, with excellent, measurable outcomes. 

The engaging, interactive online courses in each program have been designed to create meta-cognitively sophisticated, scholarly practitioners. 

Course activities have been designed by teachers, administrators and experts from across the United States who have assessed each course for rigor, relevance and applicability in the 21st century classroom.