Academic Standing Policies – Graduate

Academic Dismissal Appeal Process

All students have the right to appeal academic dismissal through the Graduate Scholastic Standards Committee. Instructions on how to petition will be communicated to all dismissed students, but may also be obtained by contacting

Co-Curricular Eligibility

Eligibility of students that are on academic probation who wish to participate in co-curricular activities such as student government, music, athletics or drama will be determined in consultation with the student’s advisor and activity director, unless the activity has special eligibility requirements. In addition, if the student is subsequently dismissed and readmitted, the student is not eligible to participate in the co-curricular activities until they are back on good academic standing.

Re-Admission to Concordia University

  • Graduate students who leave Concordia University in good academic standing may resume their studies in the following way:
    • Students who wish to return within one academic year (twelve months) may contact the advising office to re-enroll and continue their previous academic roadmap.
    • Students who have been absent for one academic year (twelve months) or more must complete the online application for admission, and will be subject to any changes in admission requirements, program requirements, and tuition increases. Institutional scholarships, Concordia Grants, and Concordia Merit Awards at the time of initial admission are subject to change upon re-admission. Students may need to submit additional, updated application materials as well. Speak with an admission counselor to determine what items must be submitted.
  • Students who have been academically dismissed from the University and wish to resume their education should obtain instructions by contacting the Graduate Scholastic Standards Committee at: If a student is re-admitted, they will be placed on academic probation until they meet minimum GPA requirements for their program.

All students must submit official transcripts for any coursework taken at other institutions during their absence.

All students will be notified by electronically or in writing of their re-admission status.

Students who return to a program will need to work with an academic advisor and the Office of Financial Aid to determine when they can begin classes and finish their coursework. Term structures and financial aid policies will affect this timeline.

All previous course work at Concordia University remains part of the permanent record for students who have been re-admitted, and the cumulative GPA includes all prior grades.­