Marketing (MKT)

MKT 360      PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING      Credits: 3

This course helps students discover how marketing activities relate to other functions of a business or non-business operation. In doing so, students will discover who marketers are, how they think, and what they do in connection with identification of target markets, creation of a marketing mix, and development of strategic plans to assist in managerial decision making.
Prerequisites: BA 101 and BA 203 with a C or higher.

MKT 362      CONSUMER BEHAVIOR      Credits: 3

Consumer behavior is the study of the cognitive, affective, behavioral and environmental factors that influence decision-making in the marketplace. Students will explore theoretical concepts and learn how the consumer engages in the buyer-seller relationship and the psychological factors that influence and shape consumer behavior. In addition, students will read some of the primary research and will develop a final paper or other project to demonstrate their integrated understanding.
Prerequisites: MKT 360 with a C or higher.

MKT 363      MARKETING RESEARCH      Credits: 3

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of marketing research, including research design, methodologies, analytical techniques, and reporting strategies. Students learn how to obtain, analyze, and use primary and secondary data that enable managers to make good decisions and avoid bad ones.
Prerequisites: MKT 360 with a C or higher.


Ever-accelerating levels of innovation, technological development and social changes create industry and other disruptions. Students explore the relationship between creativity and innovation, and the resulting marketing implications. Students gain a solid understanding of the constructs, forces and processes leading to technological, industry and social innovation. Innovative and disruptive business models are heavily discussed. Emphasis is placed upon internet marketplace dynamics and the role and power of digital marketing in modern Integrated marketing Communication (IMC).
Prerequisites: MKT 360 with a C or higher.

MKT 366      GLOBAL MARKETING      Credits: 3

This course examines the ingredients necessary for the development and implementation of an international marketing program. Key elements examined include the similarities and differences in customer product preference, strategic planning, cultural sensitivity, economic and financial considerations, legal issues, and political conditions.
Prerequisites: MKT 360 with a C or higher.

MKT 399E      EXPERIMENTAL COURSE      Credits: 3

Experimental course option varies by term. Please see academic department for course description.


Primary focus is on the management perspective of strategic development in marketing. Emphasis is on developing and implementing marketing strategies and determining their impact on customer satisfactions, profitability, and competitive advantage.
Prerequisites: MKT 360 with a C or higher.