Short Term Programs

Field Studies Programs

Concordia University has joined its sister college, Concordia University in Austin, Texas, in offering an ongoing series of field courses in a variety of interesting locations throughout the world and the United States. Past field courses have focused on the biology, geology, ecology, and/or anthropology of such places as Belize, the Pacific Northwest, the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, and the world-famous Malheur Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon.

Students hike through tropical rain forests, camp out under the open sky, snorkel with sharks and rays in incredible blue oceans, or climb to the summit of Mayan temples. Guided by professors rich in knowledge of the area, students are challenged to explore vistas many never have the opportunity to see. Plans are for future field courses in the Russian Far East, Australia, and Costa Rica. Information may be obtained from the Chair of the Math & Science Department.

Concordia Faculty-led Courses

Each year, faculty from Concordia organize and teach special courses to expose students to the places which make history, art, and culture come alive. Art History may be taught as a two-week course in Europe; and British Theater includes a two-week course in London. Visit the Department of International Studies to learn about which programs are available for the next upcoming academic year.

Concordia Spring Semester Abroad 

Seven Concordia campuses have joined together to create semester programs every academic year during spring. Previous locations have been Costa Rica, Germany, and Italy. Spring semester 2018 will be a multi-country program in London and Wittenberg, Germany. Students study with a visiting faculty member from one of the Concordia campuses and receive Concordia credit for their classes abroad.