Interdisciplinary Studies

A major in Interdisciplinary Studies gives students the freedom to select from a broad range of coursework to create a program that matches their interests. In one sense, the interdisciplinary major is a continuation of the exploration provided by the breadth of the general education requirements. Students are required to complete 40 semester hours in one area, 12 in another, and 16 hours which cover at least two others, in addition to completing the general education requirements. Graduates will be well-prepared to enter graduate school or the workforce in a wide variety of entry-level positions requiring broad training and skills. The Interdisciplinary Studies major requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.

Primary Discipline (40)

These courses must be part of a recognized program or major in the College of Arts & Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Humanities, Music, Psychology, or Religion) and must include at least 24 hours of upper division credits. Courses taken to meet the primary discipline requirement cannot duplicate general education courses.

Secondary Discipline (12)

These courses must be a part of a recognized program, major, or minor offered at Concordia University. The secondary discipline must include at least 6 hours of upper division credits in one field and cannot duplicate general education or primary discipline courses.

Distribution Credits (16)

Distribution credits cannot duplicate general education, primary or secondary discipline courses and must be distributed among at least two curricular areas outside of the primary and secondary disciplines.


The student needs sufficient electives to meet the 124 hours required for graduation. At least 45 of the 124 hours must be in 300- or 400-level courses.