Undergraduate Programs

Concordia University has designed its academic programs to prepare graduates for further studies at the graduate level or to enter a variety of professions. In addition to a selected major, all undergraduate students are required to take a core of General Education courses that ensure a broad introduction to the liberal arts disciplines. Most programs can be completed in four years if a student carries a full load (16 hours) each semester.

Concordia is a Christian university, and integrates the study of religion as a requirement in all degree programs, specifically through the General Education curriculum for undergraduate students. Religion courses include faith discussions in the world of learning and are designed to:

  • Facilitate the personal pursuit of understanding in the quest for meaning and answers to life’s ultimate questions.
  • Assist in cultivating a better understanding of the religious character of others. Students develop their skills in communicating intelligently and compassionately with people from other religious and secular cultures. Failure to understand others, especially their religious symbols and world views, has caused untold grief in this country and abroad.
  • Encourage all students to adopt an attitude of service to church, society, and the world. This attitude of service is directly related to the fundamental faith commitments, ethical insights, and perspectives of the Christian faith in a Lutheran academic tradition.
  • Encourage a hopeful stance toward the possibilities of resolving personal, societal, and world problems through an active faith life of Concordia’s graduates.