Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Concordia University reserves the right to change tuition and fees subject to written notification.

Traditional B.A. Tuition

  • Tuition/Hr .5 to 5.5 credits: $484 per semester credit
  • Tuition/Hr 6.0 to 11.5 credits: $1,018 per semester credit
  • Tuition 12-18 credits: $15,254 per semester
  • Tuition/Hr in excess of 18 credits/semester: $484 per semester credit
  • Tuition/Hr for Honored Citizens: $60 per semester credit (one course per term – please see below)
  • Tuition/Hr for Auditing a Course: $302 per semester credit
  • Tuition/Hr for CTE Certificate Program: $484 per semester credit
  • Tuition/Hr for Off-Campus Summer Term Field and/or Experiential Courses: $250 per semester credit
  • Tuition for ENG 101 THEMES IN AMERICAN LITERATURE-PARADOX or other courses in the Summer Bridge Program:  $100 per credit hour

Note: Students enrolled in traditional academic programs are eligible to apply for Concordia University grants-in-aid.

Career and Technical Education Program (Undergraduate)

  • Tuition $484 per credit

Early Childhood Education Program (Undergraduate)

  • Tuition $484 per credit

Health & Human Services Programs (Undergraduate)

  • Tuition B.S. Social Work: $484 per semester credit
  • Tuition B.S. Health Care Administration and Long Term Care Administration:  $484 per semester credit

Homeland Security & Emergency Management Program (Undergraduate)

  • Tuition $484 per credit

Tuition for Honored Citizens

The "Honored Citizen Rate" applies to individuals age 62 and over who are not matriculating towards a degree at Concordia University. These individuals may take ONE course per semester at the rate of $60 per credit. This course can be audited or taken for academic credit. Persons utilizing this program are responsible for the cost of books, course materials, or any special course fees in addition to the tuition. These students may take seats in the class only as they are available over and above the seats taken by matriculating students. This discount will be applied during the three weeks prior to the beginning of the term, and decisions on class availability are made by the Registrar. The "Honored Citizen Rate" applies only to regularly-scheduled and taught courses that have sufficient enrollment, and does not apply to concurrent enrollment at another school, Independent or Directed Study, private lessons, or tutoring.

Education Program Specific Fees

  • EDU 341-344: $195
  • EDU 451-454: $305
  • EDU 491-494: $410

Dining and Housing Fees

Campus Dining Services

100% Declining Balance Program

  • Lower Base Plan: $2,165
  • Main Base Plan: $2,545
  • Premium Plan: $2,695
  • Commuter Plan: $480
  • Mandatory Apartment Plan: $100
  • Voluntary Apartment Plan: $1,285
  • Voluntary ELS Session Plan: $210

Off-campus students and students living in campus apartments may purchase debit-purchase meal plans in various amounts. Refer to program brochure for details.

Campus Housing

  • Elizabeth Hall, Neils Hall, Weber Hall
    • Standard (2+ persons per room): $2,445 per semester
    • Single: $2,445 per semester
  • East Hall
    • Suite (2+ persons per room): $2,445 per semester
    • Suite (Single): $2,445 per semester
    • 2 Bedroom Apartment: $2,850 per semester
    • 4 Bedroom Apartment: $2,850 per semester
  • Holman (Coates) Apartments
    • $2,850 per semester
  • Concordia Place Apartments
    • Studio: $3,495 per semester
    • 2 Bedroom: $3,235 per semester
    • 3 Bedroom: $3,235 per semester
    • 4 Bedroom: $3,235 per semester
  • K-Street  Apartments
    • Studio: $945 per month
    • Studio - Large: $995 per month
    • Studio - Dbl Occupancy: $498 per month
    • 1BR - Standard: $1,245 per month
    • 1BR - Standard Dbl Occupancy: $623 per month
    • 1BR - Large: $1,295 per month
    • 1BR - Large Dbl Occupancy: $648 per month
    • 2BR - Standard: $1,795
    • 2BR - Standard Dbl Occupancy: $898
    • 2BR - Large: $1,820
    • 2BR - Large Dbl Occupancy: $910
  • Residence Hall Damage Deposit (refundable): $250 per year
  • K Street Damage Deposit (refundable): $500 per year

Campus Housing fee includes a student-assessed fee of $30 per semester for student activities. Students electing to terminate their campus-housing contract before June 1 are subject to a contract cancellation fee of $250.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Credit by Exam Fee: A $50 testing fee is required. If the student passes the exam, then an additional charge is assessed of: (hourly tuition rate x credits x 33%) – $50 testing fee previously paid.
  • Deferred Payment Plan Charge: Students who opt to pay their tuition on a monthly payment plan are assessed a charge of $35 per term. 
  • Graduation Fees
    • $100 for all students applying to graduate
  • Independent Study or Directed Study Fees: Students may arrange for independent study or directed study course work in accordance with existing academic policies. A flat fee of $300 will be assessed to any course taught in either an independent study or directed study format. This course fee will be in addition to any tuition fee assessed for the credit hours enrolled.
  • Lab Fees: refer to course descriptions and schedules
  • Late Payment Fees: A late payment fee of $75 per term is assessed on accounts that are not paid by the due date of each term.   
  • Prior Service Learning (SLE) Fee: $10 Service Learning Consultation and Placement fee (nonrefundable)
  • Private Music Lessons
    • 1/2 hour lesson per week: $450 per semester
    • 1 hour lesson per week: $900 per semester
  • Student Government Fee: Sanctioned by the Associated Students of Concordia University (ASCU), the Student Government Fee supports student publications, clubs, and activities:
    Traditional B.A. and B.S. Programs:
    Students enrolled full time:
    Students enrolled between 6 and 11.5 credits:
    Health and Human Services B.S. Programs: $40.00
    All On-campus Graduate Level Programs:1 $40.00
  • Technology Portfolio Fee: All students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program that does not have an online counterpart are assessed a combined technology and portfolio fee that is utilized to provide state-of-the-art instructional technology, provide equitable access to technology resources at Concordia University, maximize the impact of both student-owned and institution-owned computing and information resources, and provide Concordia University students with a competitive advantage.
    • Students enrolled in .5 to 5.5 credits will be assessed a $100 fee per semester.
    • Students enrolled in 6.0 or more credits will be assessed a $200 fee per semester

Other Expenses